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How to choose a jacket for a child?

Buy children’s waistcoatGoing for a walk with a child, each mom wants to see her baby beautifully dressed. In this case, all things should be quality and comfortable. In the cold season, You can not manage without outerwear on the street. How to choose a warm, beautiful and inexpensive children's jacket? The answer to this question is of interest to many parents. Let's try to figure it out together.

The size of the outbreak — is this a necessary measure?

The child grows very quickly. This should be remembered for every mother before buying a new thing for her child. Clothes are better for the baby to take a little "for growth". The length of the children's jacket should match the growth of the child. It is desirable that the edge of the product covers the back, and the sleeves have a good lapel. In this case, the baby will not look ridiculous. Given the simple advice, You can purchase outerwear for Your child for at least two seasons.

Materials and fillers

Children’s winter jacketsWhen buying a children's jacket, pay attention to a few details:

  • material f which the product is sewn from;
  • quality and hygroscopicity of the filler;
  • the ability to store the heat.

When sewing outerwear, various fillers can be used: both natural and artificial. Jackets, which include fluff, are popular. They perfectly maintain the temperature and weigh very little. If as a filler of children's winter jacket is used eider or goose down — do not worry, Your baby will not freeze! Be careful: consider the fact that the down of the duck is much worse in keeping the heat. Unfortunately, the products that contain materials of animal origin can cause various allergic reactions. And more — the down jacket dries much longer than a jacket with a synthetic filler, so it is better not to fall under the rain. A great option is a winter outerwear with a removable lining of sheepskin. Such a jacket is universal: a frost has struck — the lining was fastened, the sun came out — was unfastened. Sheepskin is famous for its durability.

Many mothers buy their children outerwear, which includes faybertek, padding polyester, polyfiber, holofiber and other synthetic fillers. These products are great for active kids, because they keep heat well.

Demi-season jacket for a child — advice on choosing

Children’s spring jacketsWhen buying a children's in-between jacket, consider a few nuances.

  1. The product should not cause discomfort for the child. It is better to buy a loose jacket that does not restrict the movements of the baby.
  2. Please note that the outerwear purchased for the baby should be light enough.
  3. Pay attention to the hardware. Zippers, buttons and buckles — are they securely sewn? Can a child tear off a button or a decorative piece of clothing?
  4. The jacket for early spring/late autumn should be with a hood that will protect the baby from wind and rain.
  5. If the bottom of the spring jacket is decorated not very tight, but wide elastic - this is a big plus and additional protection.

How to choose and buy the children's waistcoat?

A waistcoat is a multi-functional thing. You can wear it with almost anything. When buying a children's vest, consider the following details:

  • the product should not cause discomfort and constrain the movements of the baby;
  • pay attention to the protection of the back and neck;
  • buy a waistcoat with a hood: so You will additionally protect Your child from wind and rain.

On the site of the Ukrainian manufacturer Arty UA You can buy children's jackets and vests at affordable prices. To do this You just need to apply through the basket or by phone, and within a few days the goods will arrive at Your post office.