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How to choose and buy a quality baby T-Shirt?

Funny children’s T-Shirts; M`sParents regularly make a lot of efforts to provide the child with the best and quality things. In summer popular clothes for both girls and boys are T-Shirts. Color and monochrome, with Your favorite heroes and funny inscriptions — just what models designers do not come up with! The T-Shirt is well attached to the body, it does not hamper the movements, it is simple to erase and that is important — such clothes retain their original appearance for a long time. It should be noted that all of the above properties refer only to a quality product that is produced from good material. In addition, things for the child must be bright and beautiful. If You want to buy an excellent T-Shirt for a boy or girl at manufacturer prices, please contact the online store of Ukrainian company Arty UA.

What criteria should I consider when buying a children's T-Shirt?

Fashionable T-Shirts with the prints for girls and boysToday in stores a huge assortment of children's things is represented, and funny T-Shirts are no exception. When choosing clothes for a child, pay attention to its composition. The product should consist of 100% cotton or contain a small amount of synthetics — no more than 40%. The child wears a T-Shirt on his/her naked body, so choose only soft and pleasant to the touch by texture. Such a material is jersey — a light knitted fabric with excellent elastic properties. The kid is constantly in motion. Therefore, buying a T-Shirt for a boy or for a girl, choose free models. Pay attention to the seams of the product. In addition to the overlock treatment, the children's T-Shirt must contain an extra seam. If it is not, then soon the product will lose its original appearance. To the collar of the T-Shirt does not stretch too fast, it must have a fixing strip. Pay attention to the appearance of the thing. Beautiful and vivid drawing is a guarantee that Your child will like Your clothes.

Children's T-Shirts with print from Arty UA

Buy a T-Shirt for a child in the online storeIn the wardrobe of young fashionable women and fashionistas You can see many different things. Do not even doubt — bright and funny children's T-Shirts with the prints from Arty UA will become Your child's favorite clothes. In our catalog there is a wide selection of summer things with different drawings, such as:

  • animals;
  • flowers;
  • heroes of Your favorite cartoons;
  • ice-cream;
  • and much more.

The print is applied to the product by sublimation technique. The paint penetrates deep into the fibers, and the pattern retains its bright colors for a long time. Even after tens of washing in the washing machine, the image does not fade and still pleases its young hostess or owner. If Your baby has a dream about clothes with Your favorite cartoon character, the designers of Arty UA will perform it with great pleasure. It is possible to order drawing of any print according to Your desire. To do this, send the picture to the email lilya@arty.ua and specify the required size. Due to the presence of our production, we never have a deficit. To order, You can sew any T-Shirt — from the smallest (to grow 92 cm) to teenage.

In the online store Arty UA You will find original things for Your baby. Buy a baby T-Shirt is very simple — just place an order through the Basket. High quality, wide choice of prints, convenient methods of payment and delivery — this is something that You can count on, turning to our company. If You have any questions, please, ask consultants online or by phone +380673836365.