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What is rashguard, and why should athletes buy it?

Rashguard dragon

Rashguard is a specialized tight-fitting T-Shirt with long sleeves for active sports and martial arts. Its difference from ordinary T-Shirts is that the sports rashguards are tight enough to tighten the body. They are made of spandex, nylon or polyester. The material literally dries up instantly, providing the athlete with a certain advantage and creating the most comfortable conditions for training. Buy the rashguard with a bright and unusual print can be on the site of the Ukrainian manufacturer Arty UA.

Why do we need rashguard?

The main purpose of the rashguards is to protect the body of the athlete, to save the optimum temperature and to quickly remove moisture. Clothing of this type helps to provide comfortable sensations during active sports by various sports, not only general physical training, but also martial arts. Its use is necessary:

  • to provide improved protection of the skin and body;
  • to protect against harmful bacteria;
  • to create maximum comfort;
  • for rapid removal of moisture;
  • to maintain the body's heat balance.

It is worth noting that rashguards was widely used in martial arts where wrestling technique is used (ju-jitsu, MMA and others). This is due to the emerging need to protect the body during a period of direct contact with the enemy and the floor surface.

Materials used in production

Rashguard Green Hulk

Rashguards are produced from elastic fabrics of premium quality. Most often use polyester, spandex or nylon. All these fabrics tightly fit the body of the athlete with the correct size. Spandex stretches a little better than other materials. With a beautiful relief of the figure, sporting rashguards look just great. At the factory Arty UA for their production is used the elastic fabric of Polish manufacture S-013. Due to the large amount of elastane in the composition, the fabric stretches perfectly, and it is breathable, does not bind the movements and is pleasant to the body. It is very comfortable to work in such a rashguard.

Sublimation printing is a pledge of excellent image quality

Rashguard with the print pattern is applied by sublimation. The newest technology provides an unusually stable image that does not shed even after repeated washing and a huge amount of intensive training. Print preserves its bright colors for a long time. Arty UA offers its customers an exclusive service: we can purchase rashguard to order on Your personal sketch. Designers of the factory will develop a layout taking into account all the wishes of the client. Thus, You can become the owner of a unique thing. Also Arty UA creates sets of rashguards for sports teams, or, say, for representatives of the regional wrestling club.

Selecting a size

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Often, the size is chosen in accordance with the growth, weight and girth of the chest. You should not buy a thing "for growth". Correctly sized to ensure a tight fit on the body, because the rashguard should not be free to hang on the athlete or deliver uncomfortable sensations. In connection with the aforementioned elastic material used in production, the basic parameter in the selection is the growth of the athlete.

In the online store Art UA You can buy inexpensive rashguard for every taste, color and age. We have a wide selection of original prints: dragons, tigers, lightning, skulls, superheroes and stuff. Many professional sportsmen have already purchased their rashguard through our online store and did not regret it, as they were convinced of the quality of the specialized compression clothes from Arty UA. Consultants of the company are always ready to pick up the size, necessary to the buyer, and also to arrange fast delivery anywhere in Ukraine. The acquisition of rashguard will help You discover the way to achieve the best results and conquer new peaks, and we will do everything necessary to make this purchase as convenient and accessible for You!