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How to choose the right thermal underwear for a man?

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Thermal underwear is a fairly popular component of the men's wardrobe. Without it, You can not do in the cold season. When the window is cold, and on the thermometer — minus temperature, then the thermal underwear will help to keep the heat for a long time. To date, this type of underwear is in great demand among lovers of winter extreme entertainment (skiing, snowboarding, hiking), as well as among those who, according to their duty, spend a lot of time in the open air (for example, guards or military). So how to choose the right men's thermal underwear, and not get confused in a huge range of online stores?

Fabrics used for sewing thermal underwear

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Thermal underwear is made from a thin special material that maintains the temperature well. One of the reasons that leads to the freezing of the human body is excessive moisture, which is released during the movement. For this reason, the material should not only keep the heat well, but also have the capacity to remove sweat. When buying thermal underwear in an online store, pay attention to what kind of fabric it is sewn. In the future, its thermal qualities, ability to absorb moisture and let air in will depend on it. So, for making men's thermal underwear are used such materials:

  • Synthetic fabric with natural wool. This material perfectly warms. True, in contrast to conventional synthetic tissue, combined poorly removes moisture.
  • Synthetic — it is elastin, polypropylene and polyester. Things made of such materials, perfectly retain heat and remove moisture. There is a small drawback: thermal underwear made of synthetic fabric does not allow air to pass through easily, as a result of which the skin "does not breathe," but this criterion does not really matter, because the main task of the product is to save heat as best as possible.
  • Natural fabrics. To date, to find in stores thermal underwear made of natural material is not easy. Buying such a thing, You get a pleasant to the touch surface and a comfortable temperature during rest and not very intense movement. The underwear made of natural materials perfectly absorbs moisture, but be prepared for the fact that as soon as You sweat well, You will find Yourself in wet things adhering to the body. That's why for active recreation and sports it is better to buy synthetic thermal underwear.

Single-layer, two-layer or three-layer?

Rear view of the thermal underwear Arty

Men's thermal underwear is of the following types:

  • Single-layer. For its sewing use both natural and mixed fabrics with a small addition of synthetics. Single-layer linen is an excellent choice for men who use this wardrobe item not only in winter, but also during the spring / autumn period.
  • Two-layered. When sewing a two-layer thermal underwear, use materials of different types. This is an excellent option for frosty weather. The top layer of thermal underwear is made of synthetic fabric, and the bottom layer is made of cotton or wool.
  • Three-layer thermal underwear is an excellent option for men suffering from allergies. The lower layer is impregnated with a special substance that prevents the appearance of various allergic reactions. When sewing the other two layers, manufacturers use synthetic and natural fabric.

The following details, which You should pay attention to when purchasing men's thermal underwear - size, model range and color range presented. The purchased item will only bring the desired benefit if You choose the right size for Yourself. Do not buy thermal underwear "for growth", because it will not be in contact with the body, and as a result will lose its thermal insulation properties. Pay attention to the lineup of thermal underwear. The thing intended for the preservation of body heat should not in any way restrict Your movements and cause discomfort. For today, manufacturers produce a lot of different types and styles of this type of clothing, so You can easily pick up the convenient things in a single color scheme.

When buying inexpensive thermal underwear, pay attention to the following details:

  • in winter thermal underwear, the interlacing of fibers is more dense than in conventional knitted fabrics;
  • the material should not cause allergic reactions.

You can wash things at a temperature not exceeding 40 °C. Ideal option is hand washing. If the thermal underwear is made of synthetic fabrics, then ironing it is not necessary.

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