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Sublimation printing on fabric and its application

Flags printDesigners decorate clothes and interior items in the most bizarre ways. Shuttlecocks, ruffles, incisions, unusual shapes ... The list can be continued indefinitely, but the most popular method to pay attention to the thing was and remains its color. Technologies of light industry are developing rapidly: from primitive vegetable dyes to complex modern printing techniques on fabrics. Designers' ideas become more and more refined, and manufacturers are forced to adapt to the latest trends of fashion. To date, we have available methods that in the recent past seemed fantastic. And one such achievement is the sublimation printing on clothes. Ukrainian producers are not lagging behind the advanced technologies, and Arty has been offering its customers for several years the possibility of creating fabrics with unique prints.

What is sublimation printing technique?

Sublimation (or disperse) printing on fabric is the method which the image is applied to the surface by with the help of special inks at high temperature. Paint under pressure in a special way penetrates into the fibers of the material and combines with them at the molecular level. The image produced by the sublimation printing method is characterized by high durability and photographic quality. To date, this is one of the most sought after ways of decorating the material in the light industry.

There are two types of sublimation printing:

  • straight;
  • indirect.

Indirect method includes 2 stages:

  • first the image in mirror reflection is transferred to the silicon paper;
  • then, using a thermal press and sublimation ink, a thermal transfer is carried out, or in other words, "hammering" the paint into the fabric at high temperature and pressure.

The direct method can be "wet" or "dry". For printing on clothing, the most commonly used "wet" method. The essence of it is to apply ink to the fabric with an inkjet printer and then "bake" the material. "Dry" method is most often used for printing on paper.

Advantages of sublimation printing on fabrics

High-tech method allows You to not limit the imagination of the designer in anything. Moreover, a photo or a picture can be printed in a single copy, resulting in a unique thing. The surface of the fabric, after exposure to sublimation, remains smooth and pleasant to the touch, and also retains the ability to pass air. The applied paint does not form a rubber coating, as is the case with other printing methods, and the image quality is striking in its realism and clear lines. High wear resistance of the pattern allows You to wash clothes in a conventional washing machine, without any special requirements. In addition, the image does not burn out in the sun and does not lose its brightness even after several years of intensive use.

Digital printing on fabric — low prices from Ukrainian manufacturer Arty UA

Arty offers high-quality printing on fabric by request. Our designers develop sketches of designs in accordance with Your wishes. We can make a full print of the fabric across the entire width of the roll or on the entire surface of the product (T-Shirts, dresses, sweatshirts, etc.). There are various types of Polish materials available, which are ideal for imaging. Printing is also possible on Your fabric, but it is better to clarify this issue with the manager, as there are technical exceptions. Contact us by phone or write to e-mail, we are always ready for productive cooperation!