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A gorgeous white dress with a print "Diamond". Dress-T-shirt can be ordered in any other color. For ..

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"Oh, spring! You were so long-awaited, how glad I am that you are finally with us "- is trying to te..

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Each person one day decides - "It's time for a vacation"! We recommend taking this dress with you, a..

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Dress-T-shirt with print a "Pineapple" looks charming! Multicolored pineapples create a nice contras..

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An exquisite dress-T-shirt for the real ladies! The dress with a print "Rose" in black and white wit..

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Floral prints have always been amongst the most popular and fashionable, changing only the color and..

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The bright, stylish, young getaway - this dress is just created for active and cheerful girls. A var..

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Colorful butterflies on a blue background give the dress an attractive appearance, the quality of th..

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Every girl, choosing a new dress, wants it to be not only a well-fitted on the figure, but also inte..

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Woman's dress with a print of Petrol Spot

The only thing in the wardrobe of every woman who will make her image more refined is a dress. Of course, every day in it You do not resemble. Sooner or later You will want to climb back into comfortable jeans, shorts or pants. But every self-respecting girl must have a dress, and not one. Today in the shops You can meet many styles for any occasion: for study, work, a party or just a walk — the choice is huge. And now, when You need a new thing, You do not need to spend time on trips to shopping centers and boutiques. It is enough to open our website and choose a fashionable and stylish dress to Your liking. Designers of Arty constantly work on new models. Pop art, classic, motivating inscriptions, delicate floral prints and extreme skull drawings — a wide assortment takes into account the most diverse wishes of women of fashion. You can buy a dress in just 5 minutes. Flaunt in it in a few days!


Dress with print GORYTSVIT

The online store of Ukrainian manufacturer Arty presents a rich assortment of stylish Youth dresses for lovely ladies. Our designers have created for You many models with different silhouettes. We have available dresses:

  • midi, mini and maxi,
  • the sun dresses,
  • the dresses without sleeves,
  • the classical one.

A variety of styles will help You choose a stylish dress with a print that will emphasize all the merits of the figure and disguise its shortcomings. Tight models look better on slim girls. If You have large hips, then the best option — cut the "sun". Long dresses look charming on any figure, the main thing is to choose the right size. Ukrainian celebrities order dresses from Arty with individual design. You too can afford it. Make an individual order of a dress by Your standards, with any picture from our catalog or with Your own print / inscription. To do this, You need to send an image to our mailbox (the address is listed in the upper left corner of the site). The manager-consultant will contact You to clarify the wishes, and the designers will develop a personal laYout. The company Arty otshivaet products of any size: for adults, for children, for adolescents.

Women's long dress with a print of the BaroqueTo order, You can create a set of identical dresses for mom and daughters, for sisters or for girlfriends. Also, You have the opportunity to choose the fabric for a dress with a print of Your own from the proposed options, namely:

  • Microdiving;
  • Elastic.

Materials of Polish production are beautifully stretched, and the pleasant surface of the microdiving or elastic is guaranteed to be pleasant to Your skin. Thanks to the technology of sublimated printing, which is used when drawing a drawing, the paints penetrate deep inside the fibers of the tissue. This ensures brightness and durability of the pattern, even after a dozen washings in the washing machine. Quality European fabric is well worn, does not lose its shape and does not stretch over time. All materials used are internationally certified, they are completely safe for Your health.


Buy trendy Youth dresses at competitive prices right now. To do this, simply place an order through the shopping cart on our website. Original designer dresses with bright prints from Arty is what a beautiful and stylish girl needs to show herself to the whole world. Contact us online or by phone +380673836365, we are always glad to help You!